Development is about doing things right

Whether creating a new product or enhancing an existing one, our development methods adhere to the highest industry standards. Our team of developers is committed to delivering robust products that are easy to maintain and upgrade.

A well thought out, elegant design

Always on the lookout for trends and best practices, we use a user-centred approach to ensure you are able to meet your clients’ needs while promoting your brand.

Collaboration is in our DNA

Our cooperative model allows members to get involved in a real way, and our results reflect this! In practice, the team is more invested and thoroughly involved in the projects, and everyone has an opportunity to give it their all. What’s more, we ensure that our clients stay involved throughout the various project phases.

Transparency is key

Because transparency is one of our core values, we provide clients with ongoing access to our management tools, offering a real-time productivity and budget overview. Any information or process that can be shared will be.



We designed a responsive website, built on a CMS, that delivers a better user experience and greater consistency with the Escape brand.